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Transitions Music is a record company featuring the Transitions Womb Sound Music Series, created by Atlanta anesthesiologist Dr. Fred Schwartz, and musician/producers Burt and Joe Wolff.

The TransitionsTM Womb Sound Music Series:

Transitions 1: soothing music for crying infants
Transitions 2: music to help baby sleep
Dream a Little Dream original lullabies
Night Light instrumentals with womb sounds
Transitions Maternal and Fetal Wellness Program music, guided imagery, and visualizations
Transitions CD Giftpack: Transitions 1 & 2 boxed set

Music Therapy in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
The Rhythm of Life
Maternal & Fetal Wellness Program: Press Release
The Influence of Music and Sound on the Fetus and Applications to Neonatal Intensive Care
Music Listening In Neonatal Intensive Care Units
Music, Stress Reduction and Medical Cost Savings in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Musical filn http://filmstream.to/musical/ in italiano



Available on cassette or CD from fine retailers                     
Cassettes $10.95 CD's $14.95 CD Giftpack $27.98 canada in loan only payday

Or call: Mill Valley Music,  Telephone: 905-853-5871

Transitions Music, Inc.  Ph. (404) 355-4242 Fax (404) 355-0795 ad network http://teasermedia.net/en/

E-Mail us at wombsnd@mindspring.com

"Bringing conscious, responsible, and intelligent music to children and adults worldwide"

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